Friday, July 09, 2010

New Likea Camera - $19.95

A new (cardboard) pinhole Leica - just the thing. From Wired:

"The Likea camera is like a Leica camera. Specifically, the Likea MPH is a stripped down version of Leica’s already frill-less MP rangefinder. How stripped down? Try these anti-specs:

No battery, no light meter, no mechanical shutter, no embellishment –
just your eye, a lightproof box and the emulsion.

It is also $20, and made from cardboard. The MPH is in fact just a pinhole camera, although so sparsely equipped is the kit that it doesn’t even include the pinhole: you will have to cut your own from a soda-can. One thing it does share with every real Leica ever made is the sensor: it uses the exact-same 35mm film as the legendary German rangefinders have always used."