Friday, February 23, 2007

Gear Fondling part 1 - the Phillips Compact II 8x10

Okay, these posts are normally about as far away as you can get from a camera fondling blog, but every now and then there is a bit of kit that really just can't be ignored. In this case, because it makes the job of photography so much easier

The first on this infrequent list is the Phillips Compact II 8x10. 8.5lbs of perfect field camera. As the name suggests, compact, lightweight and rigid. Quick and easy to set up and use. Doesn't have the old world beauty (or weight and annoying quirks) of a Deardorff. Doesn't cost nearly so much as a ritzy titanium and tropical hardwood Ebony from Japan.

Made by Dick Phillips (a photographer and retired dentist if I'm not mistaken) it's basically the stealth bomber of 8x10 cameras.

Simply couldn't do without it. Combine it with the fantastic little Kowa-Graphic 210mm 6.8 lens and you are set to go.

(some info here too in the Phillips Explorer page)

(Photos courtesy of Marco Annaratone)


Anonymous said...

what's the point to talk about a camera that is no longer made, and so difficult to find ?
Shen hao clone is heavier, i dream of a phillips for ages but can't locate one...

Anonymous said...

Very cool.