Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More on Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan's work that I mentioned in a couple of earlier posts here and here was very much the beginnings of an experimental project.

He recently put up a new addition (above). I think he's really getting closer to what he wants to do here.

"I just posted a new one on my website, depicting 1.14 million paper supermarket bags (the quantity used in the US every hour). This is not a mosaic like a couple of the previous ones; this one I assembled manually in Photoshop from hundreds of photos I made in my studio of a small quantity of supermarket bags"

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Anonymous said...

I like Jordan's work, particularly those, like the Denali landscape, in which the unmagnified image comments on the consequences of the practice in question. This one, for example, looks a lot like one of Ansel Adam's pictures of birch (beech?) woods. I don't know if birch (or beech) gets ground up for paper bags, but you know what I mean. (And did you notice that many of the Denali logos have been altered to read "Denial"? Pretty funny.) Also, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these had some commercial potential. What do you think?