Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pascal Fellonneau's Iceland

When I was 16, I spent eight weeks of that summer in Iceland (a place I would love to go back to). Most of it was in the mountains and the glaciers, but our main jumping off point was the northern town of Akureyri, just shy of the Arctic Circle.

So when Joerg posted a link to Pascal Fellonneau's images I was keen to see them (apart from the rather slow loading of the pages...)

They certainly triggered some memories. They also made me think that these were really the sort of pictures I would have liked to have taken in the Canadian arctic and sub-arctic. Despite all the years there, I never really did come to terms with photographing the urban settings in winter. If I had, this is how I would have liked to have done it. Indeed, many of these photographs could have been taken in Inuvik or Yellowknife.


Tree said...

Love these photos. I followed your link over from Art & Perception and I like your blog. Hi :-)

alan pelz-sharpe said...

I love these photo's too - but if I have a criticism is that they look to be digital images. Nothing wrong with that in principal. But the perfect color, immense depth of field of high quality digital images is becoming much of a muchness.
There seemed so much more on the palate to chose from when film was used.
So much wonderful digital photography today - and clearly a boost to the contemporary market in particular - but.....something is a missing