Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Melissa Catanese pt.II

I picked up on Melissa Catanese's work a while back when I was quite taken by her "Jungle" work.

Today I just saw a new reference to her here and either I wasn't paying attention and missed some of her work first time round, or else she's put new work up since (probably the former). Anyway some different pictures really caught my eye today when I looked.

Especially work from Stardust and also When The Bugs Come Back - both to be found linked, along with other projects, on her website.

Also worth checking out is the section tucked away on her main page called simply More. My guess is (and I could also be completely wrong) is that this is slightly older work, but she doesn't want to quite abandon it. If I'm correct and that's the case, I found it worthwhile looking at because to me it seemed to give a picture of her developing her work and ideas and way of seeing things over time and then it's as if she has found her stride in the main, new (?) work she's presenting - Stardust, Bugs, Jungle, Garden etc. Maybe I'll hear from her one way or the other.

I also noticed that she has a small book put out by and outfit called ping pong projects who seem to have a few nice looking (low budget??) photography books - but as their website is - lets say - minimal, I can't add much more than that. The book is Stardust and it looks like you buy it via Lulu.

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