Sunday, March 09, 2008

Luis Belmonte Díaz

A while back I was looking for photographers who were doing urban winter photography and I came across the work of Spanish photographer Luis Belmonte Díaz.

It was
Zima (Winter), his work from Poland (I think he is based in Warsaw?) that caught my eye - I really like the way he has managed to capture this kind of long winter around the city.

But there are several other sets of work on his site (love the minimal front page...), such as
Gdansk which are also well worth looking at.

He also has a
low-key blog - sort of "Field Notes" of his day to day photography.

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Doug Stockdale said...

I liked Luis's work as well, but I could not figure out if he was living in Poland or not. Never the less, I had posted a link to his site on my blog last week as well. I just had some issues with the image capture and subsequent posting, next time, I'll leave the image capture in the native size! Thanks for posting more of his urban landscape work images, well deserved.