Thursday, April 10, 2008

Instant Nostalgia

I quite like this (especially as I spent half the day trying to match the tones in reproductions of some 19th Century albumen prints and tintypes...) - it's a bit of fun and some of the conversions can actually look surprisingly good (although if you do too many, the same scratches start to look a bit repetitious).

It also allows for a sort of instant Masao Yamamoto. Print them to different sizes, spill a bit of coffee on some of them, keep them in your back pocket for a few days and there you have it - you just need a nice roll of watercolour paper and a glue stick :-)

I'm sure there must be a photoshop filter that does this? (actually, if there is one that does the job as good as these let me know). In the meantime, get a bowler or a top hat, an old wooden tripod and have fun playing at being a "real" photographer.

Oh - if you haven't figured it out, just hit browse, upload a file (or go to the url box) then hit the blue box underneath with the Japanese writing and then wait for it to upload and process (and goodness knows what rights you may be giving away in the process - ah well).

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Laurel said...

Images- Adjustments-Match color

that will give you a very basic (not necessarily fantastic) color match and from there you can play around with curves and levels, etc. that will bleach out some areas and increase contrast and all that old-timey stuff.

And then of course, follow up with coffee and ink stains.