Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Way too much good stuff...

(Sophie Calle)

I started off trying to synthesize all this into one post, but after a few minutes I realised there wasn't much point... so here's a list of several interesting posts I came across in the last few days:

A rare post from the always excellent A Space In Between -
A Practice Without Center: the Work of Sophie Calle

A little while back someone asked me what had happed to Charlotte Cotton's Tip Of The Tongue - well, she moved from New York to LACMA on the West Coast it it has been reborn as WORDS WITHOUT PICTURES. The current essay is an interesting one about photobooks by Darius Himes.

The - at times nicely acerbic blog - You Call This Photogrpahy has a very worthwhile interview with Liz Kuball

Then William Greiner has a show up in New York at the Klompching Gallery in New York

(William Greiner)

● Finally, Colin Pantall links to a fairly in-depth Q&A with Sally Mann and Stephen Cantor, director of the film What Remains - a film I would very much like to see.

(Sally Mann)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim;
I would also love to see this documentary, but can´t seem to find anywhere its sold. Got any ideas?
Cheers Paul

Anonymous said...

I like the stuff you have posted but I'm curious how you were going to synthesize these 4 together into a single cohesive idea. Liz Kubal seems a touch more immature than the other 3 photographers (which doesn't mean a whole lot since those photographs were quite well composed) and the Sally Mann work that documentary refers to holds little overarching significance (which I think is her intention) so i can see those two fitting together. But the construction of Greiner's work and the subject controlled construction of Sophie Calle's psycho-analytic portraits seem so far removed from each other that it's hard for me to see where the overlap or crossfire commentary lies. My point isn't that these are awful artists, quite oppositely they are all fantastic and I thoroughly enjoy the work you posted, moreover I'm curious where your synthesized commentary would be going.