Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Expiration Notice No. 1

The first edition of Expiration Notice is up and running - this is the online gallery for emerging photographers who aren't still wet behind the ears. And there's some good stuff:

Alan George -
Immediate Vicinity:

John Darwell -
Not Starting From Here:

David Wolf -
Left Behind:

and George Georgiou - Hidden: Psychiatric Institutions in Kosovo and Serbia:

And as far as I know none of them save money by still getting their mums to do their laundry?

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Anonymous said...

First off, Expiration Notice is a relatively new blog that I found through photo-muse. It’s an online gallery for emerging photographers that are 35 or older. Odd requirement, but that’s just my opinion. This particular blog that I have chosen to look at is focused around an artist named Alan George and his project called Immediate Vicinity.
I enjoy how he talks about how the photographer has to capture his or her own reality, and create that simple concept into an interesting image. The photographs that he creates may seem simple enough, just because they are of ordinary objects, like a chair and a television. But for me, I will probably never see those items myself, being that his location is far away from me and that I would probably never, ever take the same commute that he does. Even though these are items he sees monotonously every day, we as the viewer can appreciate them as artifacts and take in their simple message as desolate, yet somewhat homely, items.