Saturday, August 22, 2009

Being a designer...

Sometimes - just occasionally - I wish I was a designer.

It's when I come across something like this:

Late one recent hot northern evening I was turning off the lights and saw this moth flitting around the house and I quickly became enthralled by it's patterns and colours.

The only camera I could lay my hands on was our little family Canon Cybershot. So it was direct flash and trying to figure out how the macro worked as I followed the moth around (it was still around next morning, but I only got a shot of its upper wings before it flew away into the garden).

But those patterns - the black and cream on it's upper wings and then the wonderful orange/red on it's under-wings. I just felt like I need to design a shirt or a dress or a book cover or fabric wall coverings or something - to take those patterns and colours and translate them into something else. Of course I'm not what you might call a designer, so I didn't... (you really don't want to see me draw or even try and design the dogs house).

But the pattern and colour still flits around in my mind.

BTW, it's a Tiger Moth.


MK said...

That's the only pretty moth I've ever seen. Such wonderful colors up close! And the detail on the 'furry' head is awesome!

Robyn L. said...

I know what you mean, photography is an art, but we capture what we see only when we luck across it. I often wish that I could draw or design the many things that I have seen in the past, or have only just invented in my mind.

Little tangent aside, that's gorgeous, did you manage to get close to the moth? or did you have a macro lens? I think I would have scared it away!

Jason Fleischer said...

Perhaps of interest... I loved went back to look at this work several times when it was exhibited near me