Thursday, October 01, 2009

Walker Evans, Atget and many many more at AmericansuburbX

(Walker Evans)

I've mentioned the AmericansuburbX site before, but it seemed worthwhile highlighting it again as I constantly come back to it. I get their regular email of updates and there's nearly always something I can't resist.

Doug Rickard who runs it constantly adds new material, which is all writings about photography and photographers, out of print magazine or journal articles, book chapters, interviews, profiles and more.

You can't find that 1998 article from Camera Arts on Emmet Gowin that you meant to clip but realise you probably never did? Lost that photocopy of the Intro to William Eggleston's Ancient & Modern you made when you borrowed it from the library - they're both here, along with half a dozen articles about Walker Evans, (including a an interview with him from 1971) and much more.

The there's a look at the last 40 years or so of Atget exhibitions and scholarship. Or a look back at class time with Gary Winogrand at UT in Austin.

(Thomas Struth)

But it's not just oldies (okay, classic) stuff. There's a 2007 interview with Thomas Struth and there's Paul Graham on "Photography is Easy, Photography is Difficult". There's Taryn Simon's "An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar" and an article entitled "Todd Hido: Art of Darkness"

I never quite know what's going to come out of browsing here and reading one of the articles. It might be renewed energy to work on my current projects. Or a brief comment in one article sending me on a hunt for traces of a never published novel based on Atget's life and work.

(Todd Hido)

Every time I browse through the site, or search a photographer's name there, I always find something to stop and read (or more often than not, to print off). It's a bit like in the "old days" when you would look something up in an encyclopaedia but never actually get to the topic in question because you got side tracked by so many other interesting entries along the way... (yep, those were the old days). Take a look, but don't blame me if you don't get back to your work until three hours later.

(Eugene Atget)

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