Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Two thousand and ten - or is it twenty ten? - anyway, I was "chatting" (via Facebook) last night with an old photographer friend who lives in the beautiful city of Barcelona and I realised that not only had I been neglecting this blog, but that I also hadn't done much photography of my own for some time.

So as much as I hate resolutions, it's definitely time to catch up with some photography (as well as finish scanning the pile of 6x6 negs I have) and add some new posts to the blog.

Mind you, it's also time to find a real day job for a while and keeping Churchill's black dog at bay has taken some effort recently.

Oh, and I also figured it's time to try writing a novel... (and which isn't the "highbrow" detective novel I'd always imagined it would be if I ever got around to writing one). Goodness knows where that will end up, but nothing like being at least a bit ambitious. So we'll have to see how it all goes.

Other than that, a good 2010 to one and all.

(All images ©2009 Timothy Atherton)


julian said...

Go for it Tim!

Have you come across John Darwell?

Nothing wrong with using what ails you for your art!

This year we must meet up - I'm travelling a fair bit for work, so maybe i can swing by

Frank Harkin said...

Good luck with Churchill's black dog. It can be a 'bitch'.

Parisa said...

i love your blog.