Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Seed Cathedral - British Shanghai Expo Pavilion

photo © Daniele Mattioli

Whether it actually "works" or not as a piece of architecture, visually I think this looks just fantastic. (Plenty more here and here). I also like the combined concepts of "seed cathedral" and "blur building"

photo © Daniele Mattioli

"The Seed Cathedral is 20 meters tall and is formed from 60,000 slender transparent fiber optic rods. Each fiber optic rod is 7.5 meters long and encloses one or more seeds at its tip. During the day, they draw daylight inwards to illuminate the interior. At night, light sources inside each rod allowing the entire structure to glow. When the wind blows the optic “hairs” gently move as they create a dynamic effect for the viewers. Inside the darkened inner chamber of the Seed Cathedral” the tips of the fiber optic filaments form an apparently hovering galaxy of slim vitrines containing a vast array of embedded seeds.”

photo © Daniele Mattioli


Steven Brown said...

This is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks!

Matto said...

It looks amazing but why doesn't anyone ever think about what it's going to look like in ten years? It's going to collect all sorts of crap.

N.B said...


really good picture

see you soon

Cris said...

How wonderful project. I would like to take a pic of this.
Excellent blog!

Lynda Howells said...

makes me proud to be British! thanks for showing me this amazing structure. lynda