Friday, March 09, 2007

Photographers and their Man Purses

Or Man Handbags for the Brits out there. Any male photographer with a spouse or significant other knows the problem. With our Billingham/Domke/Crumpler/Fogg or whatever bags we are accused of them really just being Man Purses (even those of us lugging 8x10's around fall prey to this). Especially when it's discovered that not only do they hold cable releases and filters and lens tissue and spare film and tiny screwdrivers, but also Polo Mints, sunglasses, paperback detective novels, IPods, asprin, stamps, lip balm etc etc. And no arguing that they are really just re-purposed trout fishing or bike messenger bags seem to make the tiniest bit of difference... nope - they are regarded as handbags for men

Well, apparently a new craze is coming to our rescue. It seems it started in Japan and has made it's way to Korea and Singapore and is now to be seen on the streets of West Cost USA cities and the more liberated European centres. PingMag - a site I enjoy from Japan has the latest...

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