Thursday, March 15, 2007

stefan beyst - seize obscurs objets de désir

One thing I hadn't anticipated when I started a blog was how many emails I would get with people asking me to look at their work. Sometimes it's a little hard to know how and if to respond. At other times there is no question.

But sometimes I get work like this from stefan beyst (who seems to eschew capitals) from Belgium.

Of his three projects, seize obscurs objets de désir interest me the most. It's not the sort of work I normally gravitate towards and yet I couldn't just dismiss it out of hand. Something about it made me go back two or three times to look again. And while an aspect of it reminds me of Stieglitz's "Equivalents" - which have to be one of the biggest early failures in photography - there is enough in beyst's work for me to want to look a little deeper.

"...(beyst) is now exploring a new territory in his 'Seize obscurs objets de désir': conjuring up desirable and desiring beings from meaningless 'found patterns'"

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