Wednesday, April 11, 2007

20×200: Art for Everyone

Interesting idea (which has been tried in other ways before) from jen bekman.

20×200: Art for Everyone - "Great prints for twenty bucks in editions of 200. It's art for everyone"

Minimal content and concept at the site so far. In some ways, it's a natural for the interweb world - which can provide the necessary critical mass. And it also plays on the inherent nature of photography's mechanical reproducibility.

bekman says:
"I’ve been open for over four years now, and by artworld standards, the work at my gallery is really affordable. By real world standards, a lot of people who come through the jb want to buy art, but a $2000 (or a $1000, or even a $500) photo is beyond their means. I’ve been puzzling over how to create a way to make great art available at affordable prices and 20×200 is my solution.

The concept is simple: Prints in limited editions of 200, for $20 each. We’ll introduce two new editions a week: a photo one day and a fine art reproduction on another. These prints will be high quality work done by great artists. You’ll be able to sign up for a membership, buy gift certificates and have opportunities to buy larger pieces at affordable prices too..." more
Some will love it and some will hate it for sure.

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