Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Family Days - Todd Deutsch

Todd Deutsch has a new project he's been working on - Gamers - but the whole gaming world is so alien to me that while I can take a sort of academic interest in the work, what really speaks to me is his Family Days photographs

I think mainly because he takes the photographs that I wish I - as a photographer - could take of my own family... these most definately aren't snapshots. There is a long tradition of photographers documenting their own families; probably because all of a sudden they become all-consuming and your horizons, available time and energy seem to reduce considerably. So the family has often become, by default, a subject for photographers (I even have a friend who once had Lartigue to stay and while he was there he photographed the two sons of the family).

Todd Deutsch's family photographs convey the many small everyday moments that reflect my own experience of having two young boys. He has a knack for really catching those things which happen every day but which you know, in a few years or even months, will just be memories. I'm envious of how well he does this with such apparent ease, especially when I look at my own efforts.

Todd also has a blog

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andrew hillard said...

Todds Family Days is subtle, non sensationalist and refreshingly revealing. Its good to see a photographer spending time on what is in truth a difficult subject matter.
Great blog Tim.