Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keith Johnson -"Extended"

Julian Thomas over on his blog The Bartender Never Gets Killed mentioned the work of photographer Keith Johnson today.

I'd not come across Johnson's work before, but what I've seen so far seems quite interesting and certainly appeals to my tastes and interest in photography. I like the earlier works
Extended and also Ground/Cover, especially his use of triptychs and multiples - which seem quite hard to do well in photography.

Johnson has quite an impressive education, studying under Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind as well as Nathan Lyons.

His "statement" is also refreshingly down to earth. He also has a fun series of rotating quotes on his front page.
"My photography is about my travels which I do a lot; sometimes to interesting places, sometimes not. I travel with my camera expecting to see things of interest photographically; I am rarely disappointed. I am interested in the way we have shaped the landscape, entertaining juxtapositions, color, and stuff. At its root it is about entertainment. Enjoy"
Julian had trouble linking to any of Keith's images, but as I'm working on a Mac right now, it's simply drag and drop, so I can post some on here


Photography Collection said...

Great photos and a great blog.

Anonymous said...

Tim, please say it isn't so... a Mac!!!!! start of the slippery slope, man. And OF COURSE if it is possible to embed the images in on a mac, i can do it faster and cheaper on the PC! My PC just doesn't have iCoffee built in...

Colin Blakely said...

Keith is quite prolific as well- I was in contact with him as recently as 2 years ago, and the work on his site is all new since then (and in my opinion a huge step forward).