Saturday, November 10, 2007

Special Limited Print Offer: Willow - Tin Can Hill

By popular request (quite hassling me know, okay...) I have decided to produce a small edition of prints of the photograph I mentioned the other day from my Immersive Landscapes: Boreal Forest-Precambrian Shield project - so spread the word!

The picture was taken outside Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories and is called Willow: Tin Can Hill (incidentally, this tree is very close to where a wrapped up and hidden package of 1960's bills totalling $12,000 was found... not by me unfortunately). Click on the image for a bigger view.

The print is 12"x15" and is printed on the lovely Crane Museo Silver Rag paper. There will only be 30 prints and the price is CDN$100.00 each (+ shipping & handling).

Click on the link below to pay via Paypal (blogger still seems to have trouble with the paypal html...):

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