Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lisa Robinson

I came across Lisa Robinson's work in one of Photoeye's emails of new books - Snowbound.

Her work caught my eye because winter has almost arrived here (had one snowfall already) and I was thinking it was about time to finally try and get out and about this year and photograph the city in winter. It's a city that spends between a third to almost half the year under snow - so it's about time I explored my own particular (peculiar?) visual take on it - we'll see.

"Photographs with the tranquility one might feel after a fresh snowfall. Five winters long, the young American photographer Lisa M. Robinson took pictures in the snow. Snowbound shows landscapes in which everyday objects-alienated and sunken in snow-"civilize" the natural surroundings. Traces of human existence set accents in the white landscape, delimiting it and often popping up in an amusing or incongruous way. A lonely hammock, a trampoline, and a swimming pool are echoes of the summer past and of personal memories. But Robinson is not interested in showing the obvious; instead, she makes use of the many aggregate states of water-ice, snow, fog, and water-as metaphors for life and transience.".

While I quite like her work, overall as a series, I find it almost a little too isolated and minimal for my own tastes. Although I think there are a enough pictures that have a little something here or there - an orange marker pole, a break in the snow fence or whatever, to break up the perfection.

(BTW, her website doesn't seem to work properly in IE6, which is what I'm stuck with...)


Anonymous said...

lisa robinson's photos are refreshing. the white snow scenes are creates a sense of purity that brings new life.

Anonymous said...

I get cold and lonely just looking at them. They really make me think about myself and life. It puts loneliness into perspective.

Mel Trittin said...

I saw her work in person at the Silverstein Annual in September. The prints themselves hold much more interest than the web represents. They are, however, in contrast to your style. I would love to see some of your thickets and alleyways in winter.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, I just happen to be listening to some beautiful Finnish minimal techno from the early 90s (Mika Vainio as Ø) and these pictures suit the mood absolutely!