Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A little bit of Whimsy

Every now and then something like this gives me a chuckle. Too much and the cute factor overloads, but I don't think this quite gets there yet.

From a site called Minimiam (one of those Flash hunt for the elusive dote sites...) via the wacky Dark Roasted Blend site:

"who hasn't dreamt of diving into thick chocolate mouse...

or digging a hideout in a piece of cheese or fruit..."

I also like the care that has gone into hand making the little figures, as well as the somewhat sly imagination into the individual pieces.


Unknown said...

These are really lovely. Another similar photographer worth a look is Tara Gorman. I work at JPG Magazine and we recently published a story with some of her photos and she also has a lot more on the JPG site.

ggosling said...

You should also check out :

Graham G