Monday, December 10, 2007

DIY Panoramic Camera

Now, I've always fancied trying out a "real' panoramic camera (i.e. a swing lens design, not one of those 6cmx17cm or 4"x10" etc slices of larger format - which seems a bit pointless to me).

I've often been tempted by the idea of a fully functioning Cirkut camera and the little Kodak "shoebox" Panoramic cameras with their velvet bellows look fun - though more realistically a Noblex would be the better route to take - if cost wasn't an issue...

So, when I saw a recent post on the Streetphoto list about a DIY Panoramic Camera I had to take a look - but boy oh boy, I'm not sure I'm up to taking this on in my garage. Sure, i go an A in Metalwork at school, but this beastie looks like it would be great on your shelf along with one of those big old bronze diving helmets.

Sure, it looks cool, but in the end I think I'd rather save up for the Noblex. Mind you, if you could upscale it to take 10" aero roll film that might be another matter...
But if anyone decides to tackle the project, let me know how it goes!

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Stan B. said...

You can always test the waters with a used Widelux or new Horizon.
You can still go fairly large with fine grained 35mm at that format.