Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More books for your Xmas list

Okay, I promise not to do too many of these "Best Books/Movies/Photographers of 2007" etc. But that said, 5B4 - which has shown itself to be one of the most interesting photo book review sources - has his fairly extensive list of the books of 2007.

He has a "Best Of" and an "Also Ran" category as well as "Favourites" and "Best Historical Books". There are also a number of what I would describe as sleepers in there as well.

And because it's late and I'm nursing two sick wee ones I'm going to be cheeky and borrow a couple of the marvelous page spread images he does for each book he looks at.

He includes John Gossage's Putting Back the Wall which he hasn't actually reviewed yet and which is in the mail to me as I write and which I am awaiting with some anticipation (I have a feeling it may be my pick of the year)

All in all plenty to put on your last minute Xmas list

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