Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Strange and Stranger

I love this picture Shane Lavalette managed to dig up - William Eggleston and David Lynch.

While it has often been pointed out that David Lynch - and Gus Van Sant and several others - have been directly influenced by Eggleston - and who can't see that in everything from Twin Peaks to the Straight Story to Mulholland Drive, like Shane I'm most intrigued by the ensuing conversation here.

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall to that one? My guess is it was most akin to eavesdropping on two Martians...

All I can say is we would be much worse off without the both of them.

(top photo probably by Winston Eggleston? bottom by William Eggleston)


Joe Reifer said...

Holy cow - that's excellent! I saw a photo of Garry Winogrand and Wm Eggleston somewhere a few weeks ago and thought that would've been a pretty interesting conversation as well.



ben said...

good post Tim. it would be a riot to hear what those two talk about. all the secrets of photography and film making laid out over expensive scotch no doubt. do you know who took the photo. it's so spontaneous, i wouldn't be surprised that the unknown photographer would thicken the plot as well.

on that note, the photo of Eggleston and Winogrand was taken by Tod Papageorge (if it's the one i'm thinking of) and pictured in the back or 5x7.

good stuff.