Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OnSite: Talking On Culture - February 20th

This is a plug for those in the Edmonton area (of course anyone is welcome... the more the merrier).

OnSite Magazine is a publication about Culture, Urbanism, Art and Architecture. I have an article about my Traces Project in the new issue (currently probably only available on Canadian newsstands such as Chapters - and the website doesn't feature the new issue yet).

OnSite is having a "Salon" event in Edmonton of February 20th with six of the Contributors to this issue - including myself... So anyone is welcome to come along for the evening, straight after work - there are drinks and snacks as well:

OnSite: Design Salon

'Edmonton Salon' to roll out OnSite Review's new Culture issue

michael leeb syncreticism in Yuquot

tim atherton urban archaeology with a lens

adrian benoit the culture of urban deviance

joylyn teskie third space culture

heather cameron culture in the face of war

peter osborne architecture / culture / place

shafraaz kaba modern life

peter brown moderator

Join 20th, 2008 at the Matrix Hotel as we roll out the new issue of this leading architectural magazine. After a drink or two, we'll introduce you to Issue 18 with six speakers from across Canada. Each speaker will present for ten minutes. This format, akin to architectural speed dating, will expose you to a range of topics that examine architecture's role in our culture. Previous salons in Toronto and Calgary generated much excitement and discussion. Also, if you've somehow overlooked OnSite Review until now, you'll come to see that this is one of the most inspiring architectural magazines being published today. OnSite Review is based in Calgary and presents compelling work from around the globe in every issue.

Event Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Place: Matrix Hotel, 10001- 107 Street, Edmonton (
Activities: 4:30pm- doors to the Amber Room open (Second Floor)
5:00pm- bar opens (2 coplimentary tickets, with cash bar after)
5:30pm- presentations begin
6:45pm- book draw (for new subscribers to OnSite Review)
6:46pm- open forum/ discussions begin

Event Hosts: OnSite Review, HOK, Manasc Isaac Architects

Cost: Free!

Why a 'salon' format? A century ago, salons effectively discussed and disseminated new ideas, particularly within artistic and scientific circles. The salon notion has recently caught fire again. Contemporary salons bring like-minded people together, stimulate the exchange of ideas and generate change that makes a difference.

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