Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Thousand Monkeys - Fritz Katze

You know the old saying that that given infinite time, a thousand monkeys with typewriters would eventually write the complete works of Shakespeare. Well here's Fritz and his Catcam (thanks again John Brownlow) producing some suprisingly good work - William Eggleston, Terri Weifenbach, Stephen Gill (and Julian...) watch out... :-)

"I am very versatile, always searching for exciting motives in my district on the "Katzenstraße", under cars or bushes, on the fields...... however no fear I don´t spend the whole time on photographing. Perhaps two times the week 1,5 hour, the most time I sleep, eat, roam, like any other cat..."

You can even watch Fritz at work - Fritz in Aktion - bottom of the page here (hmm -maybe it's time for a Timcam...?)

1 comment:

julian said...

I'll be more impressed when it is the cat that is doing the editing....