Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stephen Gill - prints

Now here's an opportunity I wish I could take advantage of right now... I'd guess that if you have the spare cash around (even if you need to eat Kraft Dinner for a week :-( ), this is an opportunity not to miss.

I've talked about Stephen Gill a couple of times and really quite like a lot of his work. And considering how quickly his books go out of print, I'm not sure how long most of these will stay on the shelf:

New Special Edition Stephen Gill Prints available

These single collectors prints are limited to 50 of each and are from selected project series including - Billboards, Hackney Wick, Hackney Flowers, Archaeology in Reverse and Warming down.

The prints are signed and numbered and printed to the highest quality on 12” x 10” Fuji Crystal c type paper.
The images will be shipped in April / May 2008.
(Available here - you can also get his books here at the same site)
Finally, do note that those prices are in Pounds (£) Sterling, so they aren't quite as cheap as they look across this side of the Pond at first glance, but I'd still say pretty good value.


chuk said...

Where are theses prints available?

tim atherton said...

sorry - the URL hadn't taken properly

it's in the now

chuk said...

thanks tim