Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chris Jordan - New Work (Yes, but, is it photography??)

Some interesting new work Running The Numbers from Chris Jordan (the rhetorical question "Yes, but, is it photography??" is from Jordan himself posting on the Large Format list. FWIW, as I tend to take a very broad inclusive view of the medium, my response is - yes it is. Though there is an interesting range of comments on the list).

Chris has certainly come a long way - especially in terms of approach - since I first saw an exhibit of his luscious Northwest Rainforest photographs in Seattle back in about 1997?

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EBKJansen said...

Fascintaing work. Simple but powerful concept. However I just don't see how something like 'Denali Denial' is photography. The single pics making the image could as well be computer generated data. And the resulting image surely is not 'a photo'?