Sunday, January 14, 2007

John Gossage... again

After making John Gossage's work the subject of my very first blog post, and then recently posting about Terri Wiefenbach (aka Mrs. John Gossage as our grandparents used to say), I only just discovered Photoeye also has a portfolio of John's work from their joint book Snake Eyes.

If you can't afford the book... then it's interesting to look through both portfolios side by side.

"We are two photographers on the same days, in the same places taking different things in very different ways... There is a crystalline clarity in Terri's color, the particularity of her focus, her embrace of the beautiful. Far from random stuff. I, though, am the collector of clues, with a prejudice toward paths and borders, a lookout for the stones that have already been turned..."

There is also a useful bio with a list of his books here

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