Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Random Quotes #1

"Some photographers think the idea is enough. I told a good story in my Getty talk, a beautiful story, to the point: Ducasse says to his friend Mallarmé — I think this is a true story — he says, “You know, I’ve got a lot of good ideas for poems, but the poems are never very good.” Mallarmé says, “Of course, you don’t make poems out of ideas, you make poems out of words.” Really good, huh? Really true. So, photographers who aren’t so good think that you make photographs out of ideas. And they generally get only about halfway to the photograph and think that they’re done." John Szarkowski


"In a place where time isn't important, neither is memory." Kafka On The Shore - Murakami


"(Walker) Evans's photographs are about what is photographed, and how what is photographed is changed by being photographed, and how things exist in photographs". Garry Winogrand


"Landscape photography," wrote (Robert) Adams, "can offer us, I think, Three
verities - geography, autobiography, and metaphor. Geography is, if take alone, sometimes boring, autobiography is frequently trivial, and metaphor can be dubious. But taken together.... the three kinds of representation strengthen each other and reinforce what we all work to keepintact - an affection for life."


"Eggleston's photographs look like they were taken by a Martian who lost the ticket for his flight home and ended up working at a gun shop in a small town near Memphis. On the weekend he searches for the ticket - it must be somewhere - with a haphazard thoroughness that confounds established methods of investigation..." Geoff Dyer in The Ongoing Moment

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tim atherton said...

well - I discovered two things.

First my spell checker corrects verities to varieties...

and secondly, I should probably only post one random quote at time I think