Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Big Photography Prizes

(The Atlas Group)

Photography doesn't have that many big prizes that are handed out (compared to - say - literature and writing), but one of those is the Deutsche Börse Prize - which is to be announced later today (btw, it used to be called the Citigroup and/or Citibank Prize if I remember correctly?).

Jim Johnson over on his thoughtful blog has a post about it. Like many of these prizes, I'm often in two minds about them. They often never seem to chose quite the right one - though last year the Deutsche Börse chose Robert Adams - and in fact the history of this particular prize has maintained a pretty interesting selection of finalists of the years

And I'm with Jim on this. I really think the Atlas Group should win (either ways, I had them lined up for a future blog post), but possibly Anders Peterson will take it - but who knows - all four finalists are interesting and very different.

Pictures from the finalists at the Guardian

And interestingly, in light of the hum generated by Charlotte Cotton's essay on the New Color, two of the four finalists are essentially black and white work (as was last years winner) - okay, The Atlas Group is really multi-disciplinary, but it seems to be their black and white based work that is most often highlighted.

(Anders Peterson)


Michael said...

Politics. Awards are often (usually?) given out by committees, right? In which case the best work might not get the award because of some political reason. One judge hates it, or the artist, or a couple of judge feels they should award it to this particular artist for some reason (longevity, earlier snubs, etc.).

tim atherton said...

and of course it gets even more confusing when the work itself is about Politics (big "P")...