Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kodak Duabubble lens at Coney Island

Cool - okay, so I have a love hate relationship with Flickr (well, closer to hate hate...). As Martin Parr said, there's an awful lot of rubbish to wade through to find anything half decent. There's a side of me that enjoys this playign around with clunky/funky old lenses (or almost lenses) and obscure processes

Via Joe Reifer, this few picture by J.E. Piper. Piper (aka Raven Cat.. those Flickr names are one of the things that are like chalk on a blackboard for me...) says:

"Experimenting with photo processes from the 1840's, and a homemade camera that has a Kodak Duaflex viewfinder glass "bubble" as the lens. This is my first attempt, looking up at a tree outside my window."
Along with one from his Camera Obscura with Magnifying Glass Lens. I'm going to keep watching for more.


Anonymous said...

BTW - did you see this guy's stuff?

Anonymous said...

The numbers got cut off. Here's the complete string: 72157594371564459/