Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Yesterday was a holiday here in the great white north - Victoria Day - yep, we still celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday (who btw was a great patron of photography).

Far better than what the dung beetle rolled in (i.e. Adobe Acrobat 8) - Nitro PDF seems to do a far better job for most of what I want to do so far, is simpler and cheaper..

Mitch Epstein bid on my Phillips Explorer - didn't win it, but that would have been kinda cool - I'm sure wooden cameras have a memory. It would have been neat to see how the echoes from my work subverted his :-)

(mitch epstein)

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drew said...

we just had a children's book drive at work. one of the little books someone dropped off (i kid you not)was entitled "nuclear disaster." i couldn't help thinking of that when i saw the mitch epstein photo on your site this afternoon.
here's hoping the film purchased with funds from the camera sale ends up making you think more of the photographs found and made and less of the camera lost.
i spent a lot of time these last few days trying to think up ways to actually bid ... alas, my 8x10 dreams will have to wait a little longer.
all the best, drew