Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Brooklyn Bridge

Every now and then I get a hankering to buy a Cirkut camera (if you are old enough you might remember the photographer coming and taking one of those long roll photographs of the whole school as the camera rotated by clockwork). Never mind they are temperamental and take rolls of 8" or 10" film that's almost impossible to get now...


Thankfully, he
Library of Congress helps me get over that. The LoC has a massive collection with many photographs now digitized and online and can be fun to hunt around on. Their American Memory site has lots of "theme" sections - Civil War, Depression Era, Small Town Life stereo photos - and a whole section on Panoramics.

Briish R34 Airship - "Tiny"

The panoramic cover everything from disasters to military to group portraits to beauty contests to landscapes, dams, canals (think digging the Panama Canal) bridges and more.

San Franciso Earthquake

Note that the "joins" are from the LoC's scanning process. Some of the files are also big enough to download and print yourself

Atlantic City Beauty Contest


enig said...

you should take a look at
vis a vis panoramics, i don't know what camera he uses but they are mighty fine photos

tim atherton said...


I think it's one of these