Friday, July 13, 2007

Looking-Glass Editions - Print #3 - new print

As I'm going to be heading out into the Prairies soon, I've selected the third print for my Affordable Art Editions. It's from - Peripheral Vision - The Yellowknife Project and the picture is "Slow Children". This will be the last print for at least two or three weeks, so this is one you don't want to miss.

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

There no longer appears to be a clear division between the suburbs and either the urban or rural environment. There now seems to be a generic suburban condition that may be a potential quality for all inhabited spaces. This extended suburban condition does not easily show up on maps, it is in many ways more of a suburban state of mind than a topographic location.

Yellowknife - a city perched on the Canadian Shield and surrounded by Boreal forest is like an isolated specimen of this condition - the idea of the suburbs. Wherever you are in Canada (or indeed, North America) there is a mundane, yet reassuring familiarity to the suburbs and the strip malls and the big box stores that results from the pressure of market forces and from blunt expediency. And while each place often displays subtle individual differences, the movement is away from difference towards similarity and the success of homogenization. What dominates is the generic.

In photographing this I find myself looking at things that are somewhat off centre,
off to the side - a peripheral vision. Things that are often unnoticed and just below our level of perception. Things seen that are in plain sight yet so familiar or obvious they are usually ignored, unseen, and their existence barely registered - attention no longer paid to them.

Phyllis Lambert, Architect, Curator and Founding Director of The Canadian Centre for Architecture had this to say about the work from the project (she also has a number of prints from this project in their collection): “This intelligent and sensitive group of photographs establishes a landscape that is so familiar - whether it be in the outskirts of Montreal or Yellowknife - the"urban/suburban condition that is ubiquitous. The prints are remarkable.”

This picture is the third of the Looking-Glass Edition affordable prints and is available for only US$25.00 until the edition of 100 is all sold out - print is 7 1/2"x9 1/2". The first print is already selling rather better than I expected...

Simply click on the link below to buy - 25.00 + 9.50 shipping to wherever you are.(If you are in Canada, email me at the link in the sidebar, as shipping is a bit cheaper. I will also take USPS International Money Orders - again, email for details.) NOTE: I'll be shipping during my travels back and forth - or at least my "support crew" will be... so don't hold back on ordering...!


Anonymous said...

I think it is time for me to drop your blog from my links. I wish you good luck in your commercial venture.


Stupid Photographer said...

Same as Sergei here, have to go. Best.

tim atherton said...

ahhh "commercial".

That, I think, would imply some sort of profit.

I don't think any artists - certainly a photographer doing their own work - can come anywhere close to making a profit unless they are selling their work very regularly at $6,000 or $7,000 a time.

And even that might not do it.

Until then "Commercial Venture" would only be a humorous take on it all...