Friday, July 27, 2007

Garageography 3.0.7 - Lewis Koch

Lewis Koch sent me some information about his latest work Garageography 3.0.7

It's pretty funky. The website itself is pretty cool - it has the potential to be annoying, but in fact works really well... just be sure to keep your mouse roaming around looking for hotspots - little arrows, crosses and stuff that allow you to peer closer at things. Actually, this is one of the better virtual exhibitions I've seen.

GARAGEOGRAPHY 3.0.7 translates Lewis Koch's third project in his private garage in Madison, Wisconsin (USA) to the Internet. Through its various digressive layers, the site presents a text-based cabinet of curiosities within the confines of a simple wood frame one-car garage. The installation includes a video poem, a photographic frieze, hand-stamped leaves, bumperstickers, a hand towel, a unique jigsaw puzzle, and various found objects, as well as material that normally resides in the garage space. Using Tristan Tzara's 1934 text When Things Dream as its basis, the interactive installation is revealed via photographs, text, animation, sound, and video. The physical installation was mounted last year in Madison, April-July 2006. This new, virtual work also presents segments from Koch's two earlier garage projects, Duct Tape Works (1993) and Garage Interiors (1983).

Rather makes me smile as I go around it. In some ways it reminds me of a life-sized piece by Joseph Cornell. I think Lewis' take on things resonates with a lot of the way I see things - for one thing, "elevating" the humble garage to a piece of art.

Oh, and Lewis also kindly bought one of my alleyway prints - I'll look forward to perhaps seeing it in a future installation... :-)

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