Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Looking-Glass Editions - Print #4

I've selected the fourth print for my Affordable Art Editions. It's from - Traces: Alleyways and Spandrels my current "work in progress" and the picture is "Alleyway #3 - 76th Street"

"The alleyways of the city and suburbs provide a sort of unnoticed network of alternative routes and pathways. They are usually ignored and unnoticed, often uninhabited, especially during the day. I look for traces of things - of people, of memories – clues. I often find myself led from one thing to another, often like following evidence. I photograph to make sense of things around me, to try and understand what I see - these traces, these clues give rise to more questions, and to looking more closely."

I recently started to send some of this work out to some trusted colleagues and curators and I am already getting very positive feedback from them - probably more so than any of my work to date, the the project as a whole is still very much "in progress" right now, although this first major phase is complete. But this is an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor as they say.

This picture is the fourth of the Looking-Glass Edition affordable prints and is available for only US$25.00 until the edition of 100 is all sold out - print is 7 1/2"x9 1/2". The previous prints as already selling rather well... (BTW, I had a couple of messages concerned about my blog turning "commercial", which I must admit rather had me chuckling. "Commercial" implies at least a serious expectation of profit. Put simply, unless an artist is regularly selling their work at several thousand dollars a pop, any expectation of profit is a long, long way away.)

Simply click on the link below to buy - 25.00 + 9.50 shipping to wherever you are.(If you are in Canada, email me at the link in the sidebar, as shipping is a bit cheaper. I will also take USPS International Money Orders - again, email for details.)

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