Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Byung-Hun Min

I came across this work by Korean photographer
Byung-Hun Min at Photoeye

"Nature in Korea is rather small, delicate and sensitive to me. I come closer to it much more easily. And I try to see it with a serene state of view.My goal is showing a new way of view with a traditional technique of black-and-white photography, especially with its characteristics, but not in the old-fashioned way because it can be easily looked at as a worn-out thing."
and (from MoCP)

"Byung-hun Min takes inspiration from the Korean landscape and culture; his photographs embody a blend of beauty, intricacy, and metaphor. Min’s photographs of grasses were taken on repeated visits to the same site where weeds have grownup against vinyl greenhouses and dried to their surfaces. In these austere works, Min captures patterns that masterfully rephrase a delicacy and sensitivity to nature inherited from traditional Korean art."

interesting stuff.

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Charity Vargas said...

Beautiful, Thanks for finding and posting....