Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, it's Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and Monday is a holiday.

Thanksgiving here is a combination of old English/Anglo Saxon Harvest Festival and American Thanksgiving. Which is why you'll find old pre-Christian Horns of Plenty and corn dollies alongside churches full of wheat sheaves, along with borrowing from our neighbours from the south - so there are usually pumpkins and turkey and cranberries and sweet potato (and I did see some Pilgrim Father's stuff in Walmart a year or two ago - which was just plain weird - but then their "wet floor" signs are in english and spanish not english and french so it's not surprising).

So, I hope you can be thankful for something wherever you are this weekend.

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Mel Trittin said...

I am thankful daily for your blog. Whether it is sharing your personal work or giving your insights on others. Happy Thanksgiving.