Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Swedish neo-nazi art terrorists attack Serrano photographs

Apparently, everyone's a critic - even neo-nazi thugs.

I should really credit Luis Gottardi as a Musings Correspondent. I just received an email from him about an NY Times article which describes an attack on an exhibition in sleepy Swedish University town of Lund.
It sounds for all the world like a piece of dramatic performance art though apparently - and sadly - it isn't.

Masked attackers ran the a gallery displaying and exhibit called "The History of Sex" by Andres Serrano (of "Piss Christ" frame) with crowbars and axes attacking and smashing the photographs while shouting things like "this is art? and "we don't agree with this crap", finally, leaving leaflets entitled “Against decadence and for a healthier culture.” They later posted video of the attack on youtube.

A grainy video of four masked vandals running through an art gallery in Sweden, smashing sexually explicit photographs with crowbars and axes to the strain of thundering death-metal music, was posted on YouTube Friday night.

This was no joke or acting stunt. It was what actually happened on a quiet Friday afternoon in Lund, a small university town in southern Sweden where “The History of Sex,” an exhibition of photographs by the New York artist Andres Serrano, had opened two weeks earlier.

Around 3:30, half an hour before closing, four vandals wearing black masks stormed into a space known as the Kulturen Gallery while shouting in Swedish, “We don’t support this,” plus an expletive. They pushed visitors aside, entered a darkened room where some of the photographs were displayed and began smashing the glass protecting the photographs and then hacking away at the prints. more .

Mind you, I know a good few photographers who seem to hold the same views on art as the attackers...

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Luis said...

I am flattered by that honorary Correspondent title. This attack represents to me an hommage to Serrano. That art could motivate bored thugs like these to commit a crime is amazing.

The Kulturen Gallery's 2007 theme was Sex. Serrano's pictures fit that theme. When seeing the video Americans should keep in mind that cultural mores regarding sex in Sweden are decidedly different.

BTW, I noticed the Swedish magazine Fokus chose Lund, where the attacks took place, was named the "Best Place to Live".

--- Luis