Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jon Feinstein

I first encountered Jon Feinstein through his involvement as a curator with the Humble Arts Foundation and also their invitation to include my work in one of their shows.

He emailed me the other day to let me know he had put up a website with his work on it

Now, as regular readers will know and not exactly enamoured with the current contemporary style of deadpan portraiture (for reasons I'm still not entirely clear about... and there was a time when I was actually quite drawn to it). Jon's site opens up with a series of portraits - Family & Friends - which are good, very good, but I was more than happy to find his other projects, especially Weeds - I really like his use of colour and of the naturally occurring forms among the tangles:

"Growing up in NYC, my perceptions of "nature" were limited to city parks and the brief experiences at summer camp in semi-rural Connecticut. This body of work investigates the mystery of the natural world and tries to makes sense of its tangles and obscurities from the perspective of an outsider looking in"

Small Signs is also very good:

And yet I know what will probably get picked up on in the the blogs and reviews... the portraiture - Family & Friends and The Wholesalers. And good as it is, I think his other projects are in many ways more distinctive - and yet it wouldn't suprise me at all if it ends up being less noticed (prove me wrong oh ye critics and curators!).


Unknown said...

It's his 'Small Signs' set that makes me go 'wow'. But I'm neither a critic nor a curator :) said...
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Anonymous said...

Small Signs is tight! I actually put in a request for a print from the series last week. Nice post, Tim.