Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hans Palmboom

Hans Palmboom (I'm not even sure if that's his actual name... he just posts as Hans) recently posted a few pictures from Japan on the street photo list - who can be a bit a tough audience sometimes.

Anyway, there were two or three of those Japan photos that really caught my eye, and I also tracked back from there to Hans' website where there is a wide selection of other work.

I rather like Zeeslag/Strand.

Other than that, about all I know about him is that he is based in the Netherlands

1 comment: said...

Based in the Netherlands, born on the 25th of April 1978. Currently living together with his cat Brutus, Working as a medical technician in The Dutch Cancer Institute. And yes, my name is Hans Palmboom ;)

Thank you for putting my site in the spotlights. But... I'm 'though audience'? :)