Monday, September 17, 2007

Problems with Mrs. Deane

I've enjoyed reading the posts on the blog/sit Mrs. Deane for a while now.

But for the last few weeks I haven't been able to log onto the site. I know it's still going, because Google Reader still religiously reports the new posts every few days - unfortunately it strips out the pictures

But whenever I try and go direct I get the usual "The page cannot be displayed" thingy. This is the only site I seem to experience this on

So I can read the posts but, frustratingly, I can look at the accompanying photos

Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions...?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I haven't got a clue. Not blog savvy enough, I'm afraid. I'll ask my hosting service about this. Perhaps you can send me a screen dump of what happens when you try to log in.
Mrs. Deane

Anonymous said...

upond second thought (and some googling): it might be an issue on your side. Did any installs lately? Anything change in your internet config?
I've just installed a plug in that may allow you to view the images in the feed reader. Let me know if it works.
Mrs. Deane

lee bacchus said...

Tim: I'm experiencing the same problem with the blog. Long delay then the "Safari cannot...etc."
I tried Firefox but no luck there either. I'm using Shaw as my ISP (in Vancouver). Wonder if they're monkeying with something.
Lee Bacchus.

Joerg said...

The site works for me.

tim atherton said...

Lee, I'm on Telus not Shaw, but it does sound like an ISP thing

I've heard from half a dozen people in different parts of the globe who seem to be experiencing the same thing - weird.

Maybe they share an isp that gets blocked for some reason?