Thursday, September 20, 2007

The making of Robert Frank's Storylines

Here's one for Julian that I came across on the MVS blog.

Gerhard Steidl is one of the more interesting (and prolific) publishers and printers of photography books out there today - everyone from Alec Soth to Lewis Baltz to Michael Schmidt to Karl Lagerfeld and beyond.

As well as the usual book catalogue stuff on their website they have all sorts of interesting things tucked away - one of which is a slide-show sequence of the production of Robert Frank's book Storylines

Photographers, it seems, often come and stay at Steidl's atelier in Göttingen while the book is in production - where everything from design to printing is done in the one location - residing at what has become know as the Halftone Hotel (Alec Soth just wrote from there where he was overseeing the production of Dog Days Bogota and rooming next door to Jock Sturges...).

Anyway, it's a fascinating little look at the making of a photo book:

"I always dreamt of having a small book factory. At the top, you throw in an idea and after a few days a finished book tumbles out below"

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