Thursday, September 20, 2007

Humble Arts Foundation

A few updates from the Humble Art Foundation in NY

They have Group Show No. 18 up - some interesting work as usual

They also have a small (humble?) grant programme for emerging artists - Deadline October 1st.

Finally, they have some limited edition affordable prints for sale (I love Corey Arnold's picture, but having lived in the arctic and sub-arctic for over 12 years, it just looks too cold for me to actually buy...).

I think (or at least I hope) these guys are working hard at breaking the hold of the existing MFA/Gallery system doing what my friend Luis Gottardi has described as "A hybrid, gallery/bloggers kind of tiered filtration system..., with social connections and acknowledgements acting as remuneration of sorts for the lower levels. Much more of an organic, grass-root, seeding system than what we have now, with one legitimizing the other." (no doubt I'll hear if he agrees with my application of his words or not...)

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Luis said...

This is a good example of an alternate channel opening up.

--- Luis