Friday, October 05, 2007

Chris Jordan on The Colbert Report

I've mentioned Chris Jordan's work a few times - especially his new/current massive photographic constructions.

Anyway, for those in N. America Chris just let me know that on October 10th he is supposed to be a guest on the satirical news show The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert, all other things being equal (the same show that brought us such appropriate new words as "truthiness" and "wikiality" ) .

Now, I'm not a regular viewer of the Report - I just catch it every now and then - but I think this may be the first time they have had a photographer on as a guest - especially an "art photographer". Either way, I think Chris is pretty much expecting to get his ass whooped... especially as what he does is pretty much "un-american". So it should be fun - or at least cringe-making :-)

UPDATE - I don't know if I got the dates wrong or Chris was bumped for Wes Clarke, but it now looks like he's on Thursday the 11th

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Luis said...

I look forward to the show. Worse than the Unamerican label, Jordan existentially addresses the unsustainability of current corporate/governmental/social strategies. Of course, his work is more than that, dealing, among other things, with questions of identity in a mass-produced world. There's a philosophical message for the viewer in that the patterns reveal an underlying structure and message as one looks closer.

--- Luis