Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Serrano update

Amy Stein did a better job than me searching youtube.

And like her, I have reservations about publishing the link to the video because publicity is the fuel for the fire of this kind of fanaticism.

Or as Amy more eloquently put it:
I was debating whether or not to post a link to the video of the attack. I
mean, why give these fascist fucks any extra exposure, right? But, I think it
would be a mistake to hide from this video. It is important to expose this type
of extremism for the bullshit it is.

But I also think in the end it's chilling message is worth seeing. View it here

Also, apparently Serrano is now considering keeping the work open and showing the work as is, which to my mind successfully turns the work of the fascists on its head.


Luis said...

If it isn't on You Tube, it didn't happen.

--- Luis

alan pelz-sharpe said...

I realize I am saying the impossible here but.....

If there was any photographers work that was going to be attacked it is Serrano's. It is work that is designed to shock and offend - even some of his supporters would argue that is the point of his work.

Vandalism is wrong period - and I do not support these thugs actions - but nor am I surprised that something like this has happened