Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Covering Photography

(Lee Friedlander)

A while back Alec Soth wrote and interesting piece about photography and book covers


Then today I noticed a post by Mary Virgina Swanson about "Covering Photography" a sort of database and archive of photographers and book covers. You can search by photographer, author, publisher etc. It's surprisingly interesting. Especially intriguing is what photographer is matched with what book - sometime rather incongruously so. And how many of my favourite photographers find their way onto the covers of books of poetry...

(Roger Fenton)

(oh, and Alec mentioned Covering Photographs in his original post, but I never clicked on the link...)

(Robert Adams)

POSTSCRIPT - Drew commented on this cover for the Iliad - cool...:

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drew said...

ever since it caught my eye on bookstore shelf in princeton, nj, this paperback edition of homer's "illiad" has remained my favorite photo-llustrated book:


i like that cover of "wanderlust" too; that one made good reading while hiking off-trail in the cascades several years back.