Friday, June 08, 2007

New blogs

Well - new to me anyway. I've been following a few new blogs and websites recently. When I get around to it... I'll try and update the sidebar and add them in.

Here's a few of them:

I've already mentioned excellent 5B4 blog on photo books. Here's an interesting update from Alec Soth on the person behind it.

cigarettesandpurity - because it's just weirdly eclectic:

Darkroastedblend is just plain weird - with everything from strange cute animals (gotta love those baby hedgehogs...) to how not to drive your tank to photos of Ekranoplans to strange Third Reich beehive bomb shelters

Kevin Miyazaki's blog - because it has some neat photography on it

MoonRiver often seems to mix mapping with photography and has a wonderful sense of visual and spacial coherences. And some of the mapping and topography is just very cool.

Shane Lavalette's Journal (so much classier than Blog) also just has really cool photography - and apparently decided to post on Alec Soth's Dog Days, Bogota at precisely the same moment that I did.... He also has a very good website

Finally, one blog I have dropped altogether - Museings on Photography (not to be confused with the excellent muse-ings.... :-) ). If a tree talks to itself in a forest does anyone hear it?

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