Sunday, June 03, 2007


No, not that KKK - Klee, Kandinsky and Klimt. I never tire of looking at the work of these three, as different as they are in many ways.

As well, some of their writings are good companions. Kandinsky's Point and Line to Plane and Concerning the Spiritual in Art. Klee's Pedagogical Sketchbook; On Modern Art and his Diaries

“To emphasize only the beautiful seems to me to be like a mathematical system that only concerns itself with positive numbers.” Paul Klee

"Each period of a civilisation creates an art that is specific in it and which we will never see reborn. To try and revive the principles of art of past centuries can lead only to the production of stillborn works."

"The true work of art is born from the 'artist': a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes a personality, an independent subject, animated with a spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being." Wassily Kandinsky

"If the weather is good I go into the nearby wood - there I am painting a small beech forest (in the sun) with a few conifers mixed in. This takes until 8 'o clock...On my first days here I did not start work immediately but, as planned, I took it easy for a few days - flicked through books, studied Japanese art a little...Sometimes I miss out the morning's painting session and instead study my Japanese books in the open... Then I paint again for a while: if the sun is shining a picture of the lake, if it's overcast then a landscape from the window of my room." Gustav Klimt

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